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Soldier Doll - Jennifer Gold

I received this book as part of a Goodreads giveaway.
Even though Soldier Doll was written for a younger demographic, I really enjoyed it.
The main character, Elizabeth, is looking for a present for her father’s birthday when she comes across a small doll that resembles a soldier.  Shortly after purchasing the doll, Elizabeth is introduced to a poem written about a similar doll that is gifted and lost by the author’s sweetheart during WWI.  With the help of her father, Elizabeth begins to follow clues to the doll’s past.
Soldier Doll incorporates Elizabeth’s story and those of the doll’s previous owners. I really enjoyed each individual story. I actually enjoyed the various doll owner stories more than Elizabeth’s.
I know I am a little biased because historical fiction is my favorite, but Soldier Doll was a great, quick read.